Come to Me © 2016 Cindy Hughlett

I was taught when I was young, Just accept what I can't see
Bad things happen every day, so why should I believe?
Same are rich, while others, live in constant need
It's not fair, where are You? in this mess I see

But I'm so tired of fighting, this raging war within
I came to you when I was young, but I'm not the same as then  

You say, Come to Me, Come to me, Come to me, Run into My arms My love is there, My love is real,
I don't care where you have been.

My love is even greater than the anger that you hold
Big enough for questions of things you'll never know

Come as you are, Come with your scars,
Come to Me, Come to Me
Come and be healed, Come and be filled,
And when you fall, hear Me call

Come to Me, Come to Me, Come to Me
Run into My arms, Come to Me