In Christ

Words by Amy Stewart & Bill Stewart, Music by Bill Stewart & Cindy Hughlett

In Christ I’m loved - I am forgiven, By His death I am redeemed
Through His life I am holy, I am changed - He set me free
Christ is my life - My hope of glory, In Him I’m righteous as He
The life I live - Not by my power, It’s His life, that flows through me.

I am loved, forgiven, changed, and free.
He’s my wisdom and my power
It’s through Him all things can be.
In Christ I’m loved - I am accepted, I’m in Him and He’s in me
Freed from the law of my performance, He is my life - In Him I’m free.
In the Beloved I am accepted, And He wants no more from me.
Than to trust Him daily resting, In His grace and sovereignty.

He’s the Vine - We are the branches, I abide in Him and He in me
Apart from Him I can do nothing, He is my life - In Him I’m free.

© 2000 Bill Stewart & Cindy Hughlett, all rights reserved