Innocence of Childhood © 2016 Cindy Hughlett & Mark Carman

I’m the one who went astray, like a sheep that ran away
Took some turns that got me lost on my own
Looking back to yesterday, when I first learned to pray
I would lay me down to sleep, one of your sheep

To the innocence of childhood, where we learned of how you came
To help us find the answers by calling on Your name
We’d sing about the wise man and practice what we learned
Memorizing the red words that in my memory burned
Give back what the thief took away, give me that child like faith

Jesus loves me this I know, words I learned so long ago
How they stood the test of time, in my mind
Like an old familiar friend you welcome me back home again
On my finger placed a ring, now I sing

There were times when I would wonder why I chose a different road
Till I just turned around and went back home