© 2011 Cindy Hughlett ASCAP

04| I Don't Face This World Alone

What do I say when I don’t understand?
How can such hurt be part of the plan?
Lord, I know that You’re real,
but sometimes it’s hard to trust.
I want to be a child again,
knowing you Lord are enough.

I’ve so many questions, sometimes I’m ashamed,
as I demand answers, I shuffle the blame.
I must look to You Father,
You’re the author of all love and
cling to you more tightly,
my provider from above.

Can I trust You Lord?
Even when I don’t understand,
knowing You have a plan,
and I don’t face this world alone.
I am not alone.

I don’t need an answer, an answer in itself.
My heart will choose to love
when my mind may want to doubt.
Someday I’ll fully see, even as I’m fully known.
Until then Lord I will trust you, knowing,
I don’t face this world, all alone.