© 2011 Cindy Hughlett ASCAP

02| Hope

What did he see?
Elisha saw Hope, when his servant saw an army.
Elisha then prayed, Lord open his eyes
and the servant’s eyes were opened.
Elisha was surrounded by an army of the Lord.

What do I see,
Lord open my eyes, let me see You all around me.
Let me know Hope, teach me to trust,
see You in all circumstances. I’ve a history Lord with You.
Hope from the past, be my Hope for the future.

When problems come,
Lord let me rest, not assume the worst will happen.
With praise in my heart, I will answer amen.
I know peace is always given. Your promises are true.
Lord I’m surrounded now by You.

Eye has not seen, my ear has not heard,
all that You’ve prepared for me,
give me Hope to learn.