© 2011 words by Micki Farrington BMI - music by Cindy Hughlett ASCAP

07| Little Girl Hurt

You’re a little girl hurt with a broken heart,
daddy left home, tore your world apart.
Not knowing why he’d gone.
Was it something you said or something you’d done?

Pillow tears rock you to sleep each night,
as you long for someone to hold you tight.
So you run baby run to faraway places,
looking for love in so many faces.

Don’t waste the pain, it’s all in His plan,
to use your life as a helping hand,
for another young girl with a difficult start.
The broken heart mender, who heals broken hearts.

Now a young mom with your own little girl,
choosing to stay in a loveless world.
Giving your life so your daughter won’t know,
how divorce for a child can wound the soul.


She may never understand the gift you gave,
sacrificing your life so that her’s would be saved.

Now the daughter you love has her own little girl,
and together they live in a love-filled world.
Your pain wasn’t wasted, it was all in His plan.
Using your life as a helping hand.

Becoming like Him, is His master plan,
Using your life as a helping hand.
For another young girl with a difficult start,
the mender is Jesus who heals broken hearts.