© 2011 Cindy Hughlett ASCAP

01| Ride The Wind

It happens, when I don’t expect it,
a phone call or a letter in the mail.
Bad news, there’s a problem and
it brings me to my knees.
My heart cries,
Father help me please.

Storms of life, I’m [we’re}either in one
or one’s ready to begin but I {we}
don’t have to fear that’s where love begins,
to wrap it’s arms around me {us} and
I{we} weather from within.
Safe in the arms of love
where I [we} learn to ride the wind.

Since the garden,
we have all sought comfort
but as we grow, God’s promises stay true.
Cause when we’re weak, He is strong,
all He asks is that we carry on,
He’ll do the work and
He’ll out ride our storm

Omnipotent, God’s all knowing, stop,
hear His whisper in the wind.